Paint Rack Burn-off and Transport System

Think Logistics!

At Magic Rack, we pride ourselves in helping our customers find solutions that allow them to operate more efficiently. With this type of thinking in mind, we decided that there must be a better way to organize and transport paint racks. Instead of letting paint racks pile up in a corner or on a skid, we’ve developed Transport Carts that can be used to store your racks neatly as well as move them around your facility.

These Transport Carts are also designed to be able to handle burn-off ovens and cleaning. This will save handling time in your facility and cut costs with the burn-off company as well. We have Transport Carts for our standard Magic Rack I and II and frequently design these in tandem with custom racking for a complete logistical solution.

CAD Capabilities

We utilize 3-D Design software to give our customers the best possible solutions. Using .step files (and others) allows us to build virtually in full scale, showing EXACTLY how a rack will work with your part before the first production cut is even made.

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1) Greater density for more profitability
2) Better part control
3) Maintain electrostatic ground
4) Wash penetration and drainage
5) Positioning parts for the “Class A” surface
6) Minimal to zero blemish
7) Ease of load and unload
8) Cleaning methods and rack materials
9) Time and labor savings