Magic Rack – Racking Solutions for Every System

Whether you need fully customized racking solutions or our standard line of adjustable Magic Rack® products, Magic Rack has what you’re looking for. We design and manufacture all our racks, burn off carts, and paint hooks right here in the USA, ensuring a shorter lead time for your order along with unbeatable customer support. Browse our standard items in our online shop or contact us today to work with our engineers on a fully custom solution for your business.

Reduce Waste

Maximize Efficiency

Customize Solutions

Do You Struggle With

Poor grounding that affects your product quality?

Inadequate racking solutions for your finishing processes lacking the density or adjustability you need?

Inefficiencies in your coating system?

Our Solutions Are Backed by a 40-Year Track Record in the Finishing Industry

Our Magic Rack® System, along with our accessories and transport and storage cart systems, are designed for maximum density, optimal control, and full adjustability. These features translate to more profit from your line. For more than 40 years, Magic Rack has been setting the standard with patented grounding technologies and superior performance features to maximize efficiency and profitability for your business.

Complete Solutions Customized to Your Needs

We offer everything you need for racking, hooks, and hanging solutions with a wide range of trusted products, along with the capability to manufacture custom solutions designed and fabricated in collaboration with our engineering team.

Reduced Waste and Improved Efficiency

For more than 40 years, we have carefully analyzed our customers’ processes in the finishing industry throughout a wide range of applications in the automotive, energy, construction, medical, and heavy equipment sectors. This ongoing research and innovation has allowed us to create time-saving solutions that add density without compromising quality.

We Follow Through With Exceptional Customer Service

Along with superior products, we believe in offering superior service, which goes beyond the consulting and manufacturing phases. We are committed to building lasting customer relationships to keep your business running at peak efficiency.

Stop Struggling With Racking Solutions That Don’t Meet Your Needs

Contact Us to Discuss Your Needs

Whether you specialize in powder coating, wet spray, e-coating, or plating, we can help you find the right solutions. If our Magic Rack® System doesn’t fit the bill, we can design and fabricate coating racks to your exact specifications.

Order Your Racking and Hanging Solutions

Because our products are made in the USA, you won’t have to spend months waiting on your order. Our standard items are ready to ship, and our custom solutions will be quickly fabricated in our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities.

See Faster Production and Less Waste on Your Line

Once you implement our solutions, you’ll wonder why you hadn’t contacted Magic Rack sooner!