Plating Racks

The Magic Rack® division specializes in the design of racking for many applications, including plating. We have expertise in the design of copper and stainless plating racks and can provide complete service, from design all the way through plastisol coating processes. Working with our second generation of engineers, we will ensure the best solutions for your specific job.

CAD Capabilities

We utilize 3-D Design software to give our customers the best possible solutions. Using .step files (and others) allows us to build virtually in full scale, showing EXACTLY how a rack will work with your part before the first production cut is even made.

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1) Greater density for more profitability
2) Better part control
3) Maintain electrostatic ground

4) Wash penetration and drainage
5) Positioning parts for the “Class A” surface
6) Minimal to zero blemish

7) Ease of load and unload
8) Cleaning methods and rack materials
9) Time and labor savings