Standard Hooks

HOOKS for every FINISHING application

Magic Rack offers thousands of standard, in-stock parts hooks for liquid paint spray, powder coating applications and other finishing processes. Magic Rack® hooks hold parts securely throughout the paint cycle providing optimum density while increasing productivity. Allowing for better drainage and reduced blemishes, Magic Rack® hooks provide optimum control on the finishing line and in the wash system.

All Magic Rack® hooks meet consistent quality standards.

  • Standard hooks fit securely inside the patented Magic Rack® crossbar which shields the three-point electrostatic ground contacts.
  • Hooks can be easily added or replaced into a heavily painted crossbar.
  • ‘V’ shape bottom keeps the electrostatic ground longer.
  • All in-stock hooks are available in the following features:
    – Lengths of 2″, 2-1/2″ and 3″ (custom lengths available).
    – Diameters of .047″ and .060″ (rated for 1.5 – 4 lbs.). Larger diameters available for heavier parts.
    – 90°, parallel and 45° positions.
    – Made from high carbon oil tempered spring steel and 302 stainless spring steel.
    – Combinations of heavy-duty hooks up to .125″ diameters are also in stock.

Clean hooks can be placed into existing painted racks to reduce maintenance.

No Holes –
Shielded contact points

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